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Our Teaching Philosophy

At the GBC Golf Academy, we believe that everyone can learn to play better golf and to enjoy his or her game more. In order to help our students, we have developed a program of instruction that is easy to understand and effective for all levels and abilities of golfers.

This program is based upon two key concepts: the club needs to do certain things to create a good golf shot and each golfer needs to learn a swing that he or she can repeat. We don’t ask our students to make swings like the pros; we help them learn their best swing based on physical abilities, body type and personal goals. Our instructors have studied the golf swing motion in detail and have been trained to communicate it clearly in a style that can be understood by all golfers. You will learn faster than you ever thought possible.

Our goal is to help you to have more fun playing golf.
Each golfer has a different perception of fun when it comes to golf. For some this might mean lower scores. For others it might mean playing golf without embarrassment and enjoying the day on the golf course by hitting the ball better.

Using state of the art assessment tools your instructor will design an effective coaching program and goal tracking system that will be based upon your individual wants and needs. This will allow us to perform an extensive evaluation of your present golf game, as well as your physical condition and mental skills.

GBC Golf Academy Logo The GBC Golf Academy also uses the latest in golf instructional technology. Our video analysis systems combine the best digital video cameras, computers and state of the art software to provide you with the best visual teaching aid on the market today. The GBC Academy at Olympic View also uses the Flightscope Launch Monitor for teaching, fitting and skills assessments.

If you are interested in improving your golf game, then we guarantee that we can help you to achieve your goals.