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Superbowl of Prizes Golf Tournament at Olympic View
The 11th Annual Potential Apparel Superbowl of Prizes is back on February 1st with over $25,000 in prizes!

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1-800-i-GolfBC (446-5322)
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General Inquiries: info@golfbc.com

Andy Hedley, Vice President of Operations, GolfBC - British Columbia
Anne Takabuki, President - Wailea Golf Club, GolfBC - Hawaii
Rita Rennie, Director of Marketing, GolfBC Group

Tournaments, Corporate Groups & Events

Rachel Kent, Sales & Events Manager (Mayfair Lakes)
Paul Nijjer, General Manager (Furry Creek)
Mike Zuccolin, General Manager (Nicklaus North)
Ken Langdon, Sales & Events Coordinator (Olympic View)
Rich Ingle, Sales & Events Coordinator (Arbutus Ridge)
Dan Matheson General Manager (The Okanagan GC)
Peter Hopley General Manager (Gallagher's Canyon)
Jennifer McNally, Sales and Events Manager, Maui, Hawaii (Wailea GC)
Sales Department, Crystal Lodge, Whistler

Marketing & Advertising

Furry Creek: Paul Nijjer (General Manager)
Nicklaus North: Mike Zuccolin (General Manager)
Mayfair Lakes: Melissa McTaggart (Marketing & Communications Manager - Memberships)
Olympic View: Randy Frank (General Manager)
Arbutus Ridge: Jason Lowe (General Manager)
Okanagan Golf Club: Dan Matheson (General Manager)
Gallagher's Canyon: Peter Hopley (General Manager)
Hawaii: Jennifer McNally (Sales Manager - Wailea Gold/Emerald), Barry Helle (General Manager - Wailea Blue)

GolfBC Property Contacts
The Okanagan (Kelowna)

Vancouver to Whistler

Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club (Richmond)
Furry Creek Golf & Country Club (Furry Creek - along the Sea to Sky Hwy)
Nicklaus North Golf Course (Whistler)
Crystal Lodge (Whistler)

Vancouver Island

Wailea, Maui, Hawaii