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Get Rid of Your Slice
Are you tired of slicing yet?  Work on the following three check points to turn your slice into a powerful draw…..

1. A Proper Grip

Your grip controls your clubface at impact. If you want to hit your golf ball relatively straight, you really must have a good grip. A good grip for a right-handed golfer involves being able to see the logo on your left-hand glove or, in other words, two to three knuckles. Be sure to hold the club in the fingers, not the palm. It is okay to see the finger nails of your right hand at address, as your right hand is more under the golf club. The more you turn your hands to the right at address, the easier it will be to allow the club face to release, where the toe of the club can pass the heel on the forward swing.

2. Allow your shoulders to coil on your backswing

When you make your backswing, your left underarm should swing across your chest in a lightly connected position. This will help you to keep your clubface square to the path and also prompt your shoulders to turn. Ideally, we are looking for your shoulders to turn back approximately 90 degrees. A good thought is to have your back to the target.

This shoulder rotation will allow the club to approach the golf ball from the proper path, promoting straighter ball flight. It will also give you more time to get the clubface square at impact.

3. Release

Release is a golf term that means you should allow the toe of the club to pass the heel on your forward swing. This allows the clubface to square and then close. Your right arm should be allowed to become level with your left arm and then eventually pass over top of the left, much like a baseball player. I also do not mind this being over done in an effort to get rid of a slice.

To get rid of your slice, try the above tips and do not be afraid to over-do the corrections in the beginning. If your golf ball starts to hook, you can adjust from there.

A strong grip, good shoulder rotation and forearm release will help you to hit the ball more squarely and farther. And it is so much more fun to play good golf and hit the ball farther!

By Lori Hamstra

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