Course Conditions

Golf Course conditions are being updated daily during the fall and winter as dictated by weather.
Course Condition: Open. 8:00am start
First Tee Time: 8:00
Cart Status: Path only
Practice Facility: Open 7:30am to 5:00pm (last ball is purchased at 4:30pm).

Last update:  February 3, 7:45
Next update:  February 4, 7:30

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Winter Season Multi Mat Program - Frequently Asked Questions
Why are we using the Multi Mat at Olympic View?
The purpose of the Multi Mat is to decrease the number of divots being produced over our fall/winter season. The result will be a marked improvement in our fairway conditioning as we enter the Spring season.

Do I have to use the Multi Mat?
Yes, we are asking all members and public players to please use the multi mat during our winter season. We have seen increased volumes of play and we have now entered the time of year when grass does not germinate and heal itself. Note: if you do not want to use the Multi Mat you MUST pick your ball up and move to the nearest point in the rough and continue playing from there. A Multi Mat must be used on all par 3 teeing areas.

Where do I use the Multi Mat?
The Multi Mat will be used on all fairways and fringe cut areas. You will use it for all clubs except a putter.

Is there a proper way to use the Multi Mat?
Yes. Please click here for the Multi Mat instruction sheet. The instructions will give you the recommended do’s and don’ts in order to get the best results.

Do I use the Multi Mat for teeing off?
A Multi Mat is to be used on all par 3 holes and teeing areas where a driver is not used. If you are using a driver with a teed up ball you do not have to use the Multi Mat.

Do I use the Multi Mat in the rough, bunkers, cart path or penalty areas?
No, the Multi Mat does not need to be used in the rough (this is optional for those not competing in league sanctioned events). You cannot use the Multi Mat to improve your lie in a bunker, on a cart path or in a penalty area.

Are you allowed to post a score while using a Multi Mat?
Under the World Handicap System you are not allowed to post a score using a Multi Mat during an active season. The inactive season in British Columbia officially runs November 15th – February 28th. Each individual golf course has the ability to adjust their active and inactive season based off weather and course conditions. Please check with the golf shop to see which season we are currently in.

How do I get a Multi Mat?
Multi Mats can be picked up from the first tee at the beginning of you round. After you have finished playing please deposit the Multi Mat either in the bucket by the golf shop or 18th green. We will clean the mats and have them ready for your next round.

Can I keep the Multi Mat?
No; in order to ensure we have enough mats for everyone we are asking you to please pick up a Multi Mat on hole #1 and return the Multi Mat after your round to either the Golf shop or into the provided bucket by the 18th green.

Can I purchase a Multi Mat for my own use?
Yes. We have placed an additional order for Multi Mats from our supplier. The course mats will be green in colour and the mats for sale will be purple. Multi Mats will retail for $19.95 plus taxes. We are very confident this program will have a positive result on our course conditioning during the winter and spring seasons.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask our Golf Shop team or email us. We thank you for your support in making the program a success at Olympic View.

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